Decoded Conference

Massimo Banzi at the decoded conference

Yesterday the first decoded conference took place in Munich. There were five speeches that related to the interplay of design and code. The speakers were

1. Benedikt GroƟ and Hartmut Bonacker, the authors of the book Generative Gestaltung
2. Mario Klingemann, who calls himself a “computational artisan”
3. Moritz Stefaner, who creates beautiful information visualizations
4. Tilman Reiff and Volker Morawe aka //////////fur////, two guys who create incredible gaming machines
5. Massiomo Banzi, co- founder of arduino and chief technical officer of

The speech of Benedikt and Hartmut was focused on generative design. They talked about the principles of generative design and the associated shift in the design process.

The incredible Mario Klingemann showed some of the methods and tools which he uses in his works (delaunay triangulation, voronoi diagram, etc). His ActionSpript library quasimondolibs is available at google code.

Moritz Stefaner talked about information visualization and some of his projects like wellformed.eigenfactor and X by Y.

When the guys from //////////fur//// entered the stage, the focus switched from generative art to … well, let’s call it physical computing. They create beautiful gaming machines that are hard to describe:

Last but not least Massimo Banzi talked about arduino and the do-it-yourself community. He called the audience up to build their own products instead of just consuming what the industry serves.

All speakers gave an insight into their working process and the thoughts behind their work. Every speaker showed at least one project where circles were placed randomly on a canvas without overlapping each other, so it seams that this is the most important technique in the generative design field.

Here are some of the speaker’s favorite projects, that they showed yesterday:

The first decoded conference was a beautiful and inspiring event. I am looking forward to see the decoded conference in 2011 again.

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