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I help organisations to digitally transform work processes and create innovative digital tools

Case Study | November 5, 2016

Excellent UX meets Industry 4.0

Ergosign just released a case study for one of my projects for GROB. We designed the user interface for their new rotary palette storage system (PSS-R). The clear, transparent design is focused on essentials, and employs modern animations and direct touch interaction to ensure the user can manage his work efficiently, without expensive training, and with pleasure.

Ergosign Case Study


I've always been fascinated by production processes, machinery, tools and the people that developed the skills that are needed to produce an artifact. Processes and tools have continuously changed over time and many are currently facing a paradigm shift due to digitalisation.

What will be the role of humans in the digitalized processes? What do digital tools have to look like so that people enjoy working with them and can use their capabilities in the best possible way?

As a designer I facilitate the transformation of working processes and tools in collaboration with domain experts. I want to create products and services that help people to make the best use of their skills in the working environment.